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Introducing a new rotary engine


We are working on the design and development of a new concept rotary engine that is simple to build and maintain, more efficient and more powerful than any design currently introduced in the industry.

Intellectual property
Key strengths
Key benefits
Industry applications
  • Industry

    • Can replace existing IC engine appllications

    • Low manufacturing & maintenance cost

    • Decreased engine volume allows the inspiration of new vehicle designs

  • Energy

    • Lower cost electricity production

    • Low fuel consumption engines

  • Environment

    • Better quallity emissions

the SARM engine

Initial presentation of the engine's operation principle (the design of the engine is not the real one. It is only for understanding the operation's principle)

model design

describing the 3D concept design

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  • Higher efficiency, almost constant at the entire speed range, because of the existence of a pressure chamber.

    • Atkinson thermodynamic cycle (+20%).

    • Fewer moving parts, resulting in lower friction losses.

  • Significantly lower weight (up to 6 times).

  • Greatly reduced volume (up to 5 times).

  • Simple design, with as few moving parts and oil usage as possible.

This new engine’s unique characteristics, being its size and weight, are making it the perfect solution for every known application, from very small, lightweight applications -like drones, robotic arms and exoskeletons- to very big such as heavy duty machinery and vehicles, shipping and power generation.


Our goal is to provide a solution that will be a serious advancement in the technology that is used to power engines of all types and in all known and future applications.


The SARM engine introduces a radical new design and a number of benefits that make it the ideal next step for the internal combustion engines.


The continuous investment of the industry, its growth and great value, the number and variety of applications for internal combustion engines and the inability of alternative technologies to offer a solid and reliable substitute for demanding applications, are offering a solid opportunity for new technology development teams, such as ours, to start their operation and introduce new and innovative solutions and technological advancements. 

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